The new cameras harness the power of IPELA ENGINE EX™ to produce sharp images with minimal noise even under severe lighting conditions
Asia Pacific, 23 January 2014 – Sony today announced four new IP cameras which feature the company’s IPELA ENGINE EX™ integrated signal processing system. The line-up from Sony includes three new X Series cameras (SNC-XM632, SNC-XM636, SNC-XM637) and the SNC-VB635 full HD IP camera with a half-inch CMOS sensor. The latest cameras produce clear, sharp HD images with minimised noise even under severe lighting conditions. They achieve this by harnessing the power of the IPELA ENGINE EX™ technology platform, through View-DR wide-dynamic range technology, XDNR noise reduction technology, and frame rates ranging from 30 frames a second up to 60 frames a second in full HD. The addition of these new cameras strengthens Sony’s offering for outdoor and transportation applications, such as in-vehicle surveillance or environments with exceptionally low light conditions.
“Security scenarios in transportation are becoming more complex than ever, and conventional IP-based surveillance may not be sufficiently equipped to handle rapidly-moving subjects or facial recognition in low light environments,” said Mr. Riki Nishimura, General Manager of Visual Security Solutions Division, Professional Solutions Company (PSAP) at Sony Electronics Asia Pacific. “We’ve designed our X Series cameras with a much
better wide dynamic range capability that is adaptable to varying light conditions, for instance in viewing subjects within a vehicle carriage against strong outdoor lighting, or when travelling in and out of a tunnel. The X Series cameras also offer a much wider viewing angle with different fixed lens options to suit different installation positions, such as for a narrower view inside a vehicle, or a wider view for monitoring the reverse view of a vehicle. These cameras are ideal solutions for public transport operators looking to outfit their buses, coaches or trains to ensure clear and detailed surveillance.”
X Series IP Cameras
Sony’s three X Series cameras (SNC-XM632, SNC-XM636, SNC-XM637) are ruggedised, full HD mini-dome models. They are Sony’s first ruggedised IP cameras with image stabilisation technology and a built-in microphone, making them ideal for use on board transportation vehicles such as buses and trains.

The SNC-XM632 is compliant with the ISO 16750 standard and therefore recommended for bus surveillance. It is also suitable for outdoor applications such as retail, banking and education where the compact form and flat finish help it blend into its surroundings. The SNC-XM636 and SNC-XM637 are designed with different horizontal viewing angles (85 degrees and 115 degrees, respectively) and comply with the EN50155 and EN45545 standards for surveillance aboard trains. All of the X Series cameras are rated as IK08 vandal resistant and Ingress Protection rated to be dust proof and protected from water due to powerful jets (IP66).

SNC-VB635 Full HD IP camera with half-inch CMOS sensor

With its extraordinary light sensitivity and full HD resolution, the SNC-VB635 camera is designed for use in highly demanding outdoor applications such as transportation, city surveillance and energy. The SNC-VB635 is a fixed camera that features a half-inch Exmor™ CMOS sensor which generates exceptional picture quality even in very low-light conditions. Other key features include true day/night capabilities and an RS-485 external pan/tilt/zoom control.
Sony’s X Series IP Cameras (SNC-XM632, SNC-XM636, SNC-XM637) and the SNC-VB635 will be available in Asia Pacific from end January 2014 onwards.
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