New SNC-HM662 features a panomorph lens for much sharper images, especially towards the edge of the lens

Asia Pacific, 23 January 2014 – Sony today announced the SNC-HM662, a 360-degree hemispheric-view dome IP camera that makes it possible for users to have five megapixel (MP) high-resolution video and a 360-degree view of an area with just one camera. The SNC-HM662 is ideal for both indoor and outdoor environments such as retail outlets, campuses and commercial buildings. It helps users eliminate blind spots and enhance situational awareness.
The SNC-HM662 features a 360-degree panomorph lens and is certified as an ImmerVision Enables® solution. ImmerVision technology generates clearer images and provides more pixels at the edge of a frame for better clarity and resolution towards the edge of the lens, compared to traditional fisheye lenses. This outstanding camera is also optimised to maximise the sensor coverage, resulting in a higher resolution where necessary. These features combined make the camera an ideal choice for a panoramic overview. It also supports fast, responsive electronic pan/tilt/zoom (ePTZ) and 11 different viewing modes through the Sony Web viewer.
“Due to evolving security needs, users now expect an IP camera to provide usable video for multiple applications,” said Mr. Riki Nishimura, General Manager of Visual Security Solutions Division, Professional Solutions Company (PSAP) at Sony Electronics Asia Pacific. “Sony has designed the SNC-HM662 with that very purpose in mind. Its circular field of view and five megapixel resolution means that the camera’s images can either be used on their own or to complement any type of surveillance system – perfect for office spaces, departmental stores, warehouses or storage facilities.”
The SNC-HM662 is designed to be used with a VMS solution so that ‘de-warping’ (correcting image distortion and straightening the viewed image) can be fulfilled on the client side. This feature gives viewers the advantage of always seeing a complete overview of the recorded video scene, regardless of the live view being digitally cropped and zoomed to an area of interest. The SNC-HM662 also supports two-way audio with an optional microphone and speaker, power over Ethernet (PoE), and edge storage capabilities.
Sony’s SNC-HM662 360-degree hemispheric-view dome IP camera will be available in Asia Pacific from January 2014 onwards.
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