MOBOTIX Management Center - The New Milestone of Video Management

Langmeil, June 23, 2015. The first release of MxMC is ready for download. The MOBOTIX MxMC
video management software has been completely re-developed, with a focus on providing a simple
and intuitive user experience. Single and double click, support for drag & drop and gestures, and
multi-screen or direct viewing of events and alarm messages, represent just some of the
advantages of this new software. Standout functions are: the newly developed research and player
tools, which provide a high-speed searching facility and fast results.

MxMC was designed with MOBOTIX cameras in mind and is the perfect tool for exploiting their
decentralized technology, enabling controlled access to recordings via the camera directly at the
time, or later via the NAS.

A particularly noteworthy feature is the bandwidth manager, making high quality searching
possible, even on networks where bandwidth is limited.
MOBOTIX Software is 100% free of charge, with no update or licensing costs, and can support an
unlimited number of cameras, screens, and users.

Technical Info
MxMC can be downloaded by registered MOBOTIX partners via the following link: Please refer to the release notes for more
information. MOBOTIX provides a complete MxMC tutorial at to familiarize yourself with the features and the MxMC
user experience.
MOBOTIX AG is a German based software company with in-house hardware development of highresolution
and IP-based video security solutions. The company focuses on the development of
user-friendly and complete system solutions. MOBOTIX AG is known as the leading pioneer in
network camera technology since the company was founded in 1999, and their decentralized
concept has made high-resolution video systems cost-efficient. MOBOTIX has now extended its
portfolio into the area of intelligent Building Automation. MOBOTIX products can be found in all
types of applications on every continent in the world.

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