Free of Charge Software Update for integrated Object Counting and Heat Map Analysis

Langmeil, 10th of June, 2015. The new MOBOTIX Analytics is now available for all single lens
cameras. It is possible to count people moving through corridors in different directions, as well as
being able to generate heat maps to indicate the area with the greatest amount of moving activity.

The camera is able to send this statistical data on an automated daily or weekly basis, and it is an
excellent tool for measuring the behavior of people, for example in a retail setting.

This software (MX-V4.3.2.68) is free of charge and available for all single lens models, including
the great value indoor camera models (i25, c25, p25). Prices start from 398 Euro (just under
$600AUD) and for this the user gets a complete hemispheric 5MP camera system, including
analysis software and recording software, which enables terabytes of recordings to be stored on a
NAS device, along with all other MOBOTIX camera features, such as activity sensor, and
automatic event messaging and recording.

This software version is free and can be downloaded by clicking on the following link This version can be used to upgrade all existing
single lens models free of charge.

Technical Info
Tips on how to achieve optimal results with MxAnalytics can be found in the document: ”Compact
Guide:MxAnalytics” on the MOBOTIX website under

All MOBOTIX cameras are based on the decentralized concept. All recordings are stored on an
internal micro SD card, or externally on a USB device or NAS hard drives via an IP network.
MOBOTIX camera networks support up to 10 times more cameras per server when compared with
a centralized VMS-based recording system and require no additional computers for recording.

MOBOTIX AG is a German based software company with in-house hardware development of highresolution
and IP-based video security solutions. The company focuses on the development of
user-friendly and complete system solutions. MOBOTIX AG is known as the leading pioneer in
network camera technology since the company was founded in 1999, and their decentralized
concept has made high-resolution video systems cost-efficient. MOBOTIX has now extended its
portfolio into the area of intelligent Building Automation. MOBOTIX products can be found in all
types of applications on every continent in the world.

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