Hills today launched its new fire safety product range Quell which is the complete fire protection kit for home and small commercial premises.

Hills Head of Security and Fire Practice, Kobi Ben-Shabat, said this new range was part of Hills unique ability to provide its customers with new business opportunities.
“The Quell range provides our customers the opportunity to create an add-on business with minimum effort and maximum reward.

“Hills has the unique ability to provide its customers with a value added business and product range. With the Quell range in stock and ready to order, Hills is providing its customers the opportunity to expand its service and product offering today,” Kobi Ben-Shabat said.

The Quell system is easy to use and understand with a colour coded system that categorises the complete range. Products include:
 Smoke alarms
 Carbon monoxide alarms
 Fire blankets
 Fire extinguishers
 Fire safety kits

For more information download the product catalogue or contact your nearest Hills Branch
Melanie Stewart, Hills Limited, Product Communication and Innovation Manager
MB: +61 448 431 378
Email: Melanie.Stewart@hills.com.au