June 25, 2014    Hikvision, the global leader of video surveillance products and technologies, has been selected to provide comprehensive security solutions to safeguard 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil -- the biggest event on the planet. The security projects include Brazil’s BRT MOVE bus stations and Mineirao stadium in Belo Horizonte, a host city for the World Cup. Hundreds of Hikvision megapixel network cameras and speed domes have been successfully applied to ensure a safer environment for local citizens and visiting tourists.


When it comes time for the Belo Horizonte Traffic Agency to choose a primary security camera, they rely upon Hikvision to make sure both their quality and safety needs are successfully addressed. As such, over 300pcs of Hikvision DS-2CD864F-E 1.3MP WDR network cameras were selected to be installed at the Brazil BRT MOVE bus stations to protect citizens, visitors and their property effectively.


This camera, designed with excellent low light capability, allows enhanced imaging performance in low light scenarios with minimum illumination of 0.6Lux @ F1.2 in color mode and 0.08Lux @ F1.2 in B/W mode. In addition, 3D digital noise reduction and true day / night ensure excellent image quality regardless of time of day as well as a resolution of 1280x960.


Benefitting from the superior megapixel images delivered by this camera, security personnel will be able to easily identify suspicious individuals and objects at bus stations and their surroundings. The high quality video images could also be provided for forensic purposes if needed.


The other remarkable project for the World Cup is the Hikvision security solution for Mineirao stadium surroundings.


Mineirao stadium, one of the most iconic venues in Brazilian football, underwent two and a half years of renovation to transform the stadium into a modern, safe, and sustainable arena, with room for over 62,000 spectators. It will be the venue for a total of 6 matches for the World Cup.


Hikvision, along with the Military Police of Minas Gerais (PMMG), designed an IP surveillance solution for the streets around the stadium. 74pcs of Hikvision DS-2DF1-57A 1MP high speed domes in total were installed for World Cup security purposes and city surveillance. These Hikvision network speed domes are primarily tasked to protect fans and visitors against riots.


The Hikvision DS-2DF1-57A offers a 1280x960 resolution at 25 to 30 frames per second, with an 360° endless pan range at a speed of 540°/s, and a -5°-90° tilt range at a speed of 400°/s . This allows the speed domes to immediately zoom onto moving objects and deliver crystal-clear images, regardless of outdoor light. This is an extremely important feature, since the police need to quickly and accurately recognize and respond to riots or other crime, establishing a secure environment for the World Cup.


According to Alvaro de Souza, CCTV manager at VMI Sistemas de Seguranca, Brazil’s official Hikvision Distributor, “Hikvision cameras with megapixel resolution come to meet a real need in the city of Belo Horizonte and for the Military Police of Minas Gerais for identification of suspects, supporting decision making for strategic military actions and protecting citizens during and after the World Cup 2014. Design, image quality, durability, maintenance and local support were key points for this wonderful solution to be chosen. I consider it a major milestone in the history of the Belo Horizonte and this project complements a great legacy of thousands of Hikvision cameras already installed in Brazil."





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