Geutebruck is among the Top 100 and has received its award from Ranga Yogeshwar at the German SME Summit.
Windhagen: For more than 20 years, the Top 100 award has signified innovative ability, thirst for knowledge and team spirit. Germany's most successful ideas factories were presented with this coveted accolade on 27 June. During the German Mittelstands-Summit in Essen recently the “Top 100” mentor Ranga Yogeshwar recognized Geutebruck as one of the Top Innovators. Katharina Geutebruck and Christoph Hoffmann were there to receive the award. 

The company's managers always welcome constructive suggestions for change from within the company, which employs around 220 people worldwide. If required, employees can implement practical ideas on their own initiative. Geutebruck's innovations include supply chain security for safeguarding and documenting logistical processes. Its purpose is to create a full record of every shipment at every interface, including vehicles and people on site. The company's innovation process is kept on the boil at all times, with employees of this Top 100 award winner meeting at strategy conferences twice a year and attending steering group meetings every week. "Our success is not only based on technology, people and the way they work together every day are also key," said Katharina Geutebruck.

General manager Christoph Hoffmann believes the company's success in the Top 100 competition is a very special achievement: "We see winning the Top 100 accolade as a reward for our joint efforts in the company, but being innovative means not resting on your laurels. We may be celebrating today, but tomorrow we’ll be back at work experimenting with new ideas." 


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Title: Geutebruck recognized as Top-Innovator: 
                K. Geutebruck and C. Hoffmann accepting the award. 

About Top 100
There was a challenging selection process before the companies made it into the Top 100. Innovation researcher Professor Nikolaus Franke and his team from the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Vienna University of Economics and Business examined applications from 247 companies. The top innovator award was conferred on 148 of them in three size-based categories (with a maximum of 100 companies per category). The study focused on innovation management and successful innovation.

"The Top 100 companies are extremely adept at translating their ideas into market successes, a hurdle at which many other companies fall. Strong team spirit and efficient processes enable the leading innovators to overcome this challenge and they often involve customers and external partners at an early stage of development too," said Professor Franke.
A glance at the statistics demonstrates the high standard of this year's Top 100, which include 65 German market leaders and as many as 21 world market leaders. All together, over the past three years, the top innovators have registered almost 2,100 German and international patents. Innovative capability has resulted in remarkable success for the companies, with 82 per cent of them exceeding the mean growth rate in their sector between 2011 and 2013 – on average by an impressive 22 percentage points. The proportion of their revenue attributable to innovative improvements and products new to the market was 41.6 per cent, compared to an average of just 6.8 per cent for all SMEs in Germany, while 62 per cent of the Top 100 are family owned.