Geutebruck has updated the interface that is responsible for seamlessly connecting the product worlds of Geutebruck and Southwest Microwave. This enables solutions in which video monitoring and perimeter detection communicate together perfectly. For example, if an intruder crosses and underground cable, an entire sequence of actions is started automatically: A pan-tilt camera moves to the reported position and the image resolution and frame rate for the live and recorded streams are increase. At the same time the alarm message, a still image of the overview camera at the time of the alarm and the live image of the pan-tilt camera be put on the screen. Furthermore, additional information can be displayed in the camera image. The security personnel receive comprehensive information for a quick assessment of the situation, making it possible for them to react immediately.

As both companies offer a wide range of products and bother security systems are individually configurable, each section of the perimeter can be secured with a custom solution – a dual-detector dependency is also possible using the combination of the perimeter detection and professional video analysis. The level of alarm security that can be achieved is extremely high: The rate of false alarms caused by environmental factors is close to zero, positions of intruders are detected accurately to 1-3 meters and any attempt to sever the cross through or climb over the perimeter is reliably detected.
The combination of the field-proven technologies from Geutebruck and Southwest Microwave is made possible using the interfaces GeMIP or G-SWM. They make possible optimum detection results and ease of use with extraordinary stability and security of the overall solution. The involvement of other elements, such as building management or fire detection systems is possible without any difficulty.  

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