Hon. Scott Morrison MP expected to address the Biometrics Institute Asia-Pacific Conference 
on biometric technology use within the government's new Australian Border Force

Hon. Scott Morrison MP, Minister for Immigration and Border Protection to address the Biometrics Institute Asia-Pacific Conference on 28 May 2014, Dockside Sydney. Over 120 delegates have already confirmed their attendance at the event which is providing yet another outstanding discussion forum on biometrics organised by the independent Biometrics Institute.

Having recently announced a new "super agency" for border patrol the Minister's views on the use of biometrics will be a key discussion point at the conference. The recent budget announcement has estimated the cost of merging Customs and Immigration at $480m, but also suggesting that stopping the boats will save $2.5 billion over five years. At the Biometrics Institute Asia-Pacific Conference we are expected to hear how biometrics will play a part in this. 
In addition to the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, delegates will hear from some key international experts, including Jim Loudermilk from FBI, Roger Baldwin from Metropolitan Police, Patrick Grother from NIST and Santiago Uriel Arias from the Spanish Confederation of Savings Banks (CECA). Not limited to ministerial and international speakers, the Biometrics Institute Asia-Pacific Conference will be awash will experts from many government agencies. 
Supplementing this excellent programme of government and international speakers the Biometrics Institute is pleased to welcome its major sponsors; Platinum sponsor Cognitec, Gold sponsor Unisys; and Silver Sponsors 3M and Northrop Grumman. Running in conjunction with the conference, the Biometrics Institute Asia-Pacific exhibition will provide a platform for sponsors and exhibitors to showcase the latest biometric technologies available to government and industry. 
The Biometrics Institute is the independent and impartial international membership organisation for biometric users and other interested parties established in 2001 to promote the responsible use of biometrics. 
It provides its members, key stakeholders and the public with services providing best-practice information about biometrics such as the Biometrics Privacy Guidelines and the Biometrics Institute Vulnerability Assessment Expert Group (BVAEG). 

It offers a variety of events to enable the sharing of expertise and knowledge about biometrics in a trusted environment. These events include the Asia-Pacific Conference, Biometrics 2014: The future of identity starts here! and Showcase Australia as well as regular member networking meetings and training courses in Sydney, Canberra, Wellington, London, Brussels, Singapore and Washington. It conducts the annual Biometrics Institute Industry Survey every June.
The Biometrics Institute has offices in London, UK and Sydney, Australia and is supported by a Board of Directors and several expert and sector sub-groups.

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