Installations put in place to protect isolated premises and installations by Wellington-based Eye Spy Security have resulted in 30 arrests over recent months, with farmers and property owners saying the technology is a ‘godsend.’

The tiny wireless detectors with inbuilt cameras which do their job from up to 200m are linked to a control centre manned 24/7, so police are contacted in much less than a minute when unexpected activity is transmitted live from a monitored site.

Police respond to a crime in progress incident due to the video verification received at the monitoring station.

This week, on Thursday, some of Eye Spy’s EyeAlarm units are on display at the Masterton Ultra Fast Broadband Day at Copthorne Solway Park, usefully linked with  the UFB+ company— which is a response to the arrival of fibre cable to rural areas, providing low-cost Cloud-based services like internet telephony, conventional alarm monitoring and video surveillance.

Case studies of local Eye Spy installations including the Paper Road Winery near Masterton and an isolated church complex near Carterton show what is being done in the Wairarapa with both sites involving multiple buildings all monitored with one system.

Applications for manned premises include a ‘panic button’ concealed, for example, under a counter to be operated by knee or foot which alerts the call centre which is in immediate touch with police while intruders are being watched live.

‘Dealing with the spate of aggravated and armed holdups of dairies and bottle stores delivers satisfying results for workers and business owners alike’ says Eye Spy’s Paul Hodson.