Hikvision Launches New 4-line Smart IP Camera Series

Along with IP solution's growing popularization, professional users don't only seek better resolution, but instead, additional technologies to improve reliability, image usability, and an increase in user-friendliness. In other words, new CCTV devices should make life easier by being more efficient. And that's exactly what Hikvision's new 4-line Smart IP camera series are focused on! This series, packed with revolutionary "Smart" surveillance technologies, offers superior surveillance solutions for today's booming professional IP applications.

Xu Peng, the front-end R&D General Director at Hikvision, noted "Smart IP cameras are a new concept for the professional market. Differing from traditional cameras by a series of smart codec, smart detection, and smart control technologies, Smart IP cameras are able to bring significant improvements in system bandwidth and storage, as well as image quality, ease of use and convenience." Peng continued, "Since the beginning, we've focused on providing what our users need. Now, with the successful launch of this 4-Line Smart IP camera series, we have officially noted our involvement in a "SMART" evolution in IP Surveillance."

Maximize Storage Space 
with Hikvision Smart IP Cameras
Hikvision's 4-line Smart IP cameras achieve remarkable savings in network bandwidth and storage requirements by compressing data to reduce the size up-to 1/3rd of the total storage space.
Eg: Storage needed for 1x 4-ch 720P IP Cameras + 1x NVR for one month recording period.

Conventional Camera:
4096 ÷ 8 x 3600sec x 24H ÷ 1024 ÷ 1024 x 4ch x 30days = 5061.6 G

Hikvision's Smart IP Camera:
5061.6 G x 1/2 (low bitrate) x 1/2 (ROI) = 1265.4 G (total consumed disk space)

Smart Benefits

Bandwidth and Storage Utilization
> Low Bit Rate
> ROI Codec
> Triple Stream
> Rotate Mode
> Low Streaming Latency
> Multiple Network Access
Image Quality Delivery
> Defog
> 60fps
> P-Iris
> WDR / Low-light / 3D DNR

User Convenience
> Facial Detection
> Audio Detection
> Intrusion Detection
> ABF 
> Smart Auto Focus

Smart Solution 

Hikvision's 4-line Smart IP cameras can be coupled with existing Hikvision Smart PTZ domes, storage devices, and video management software to deliver a truly vivid Smart solution for professional applications, such as casinos, banks, residential communities, airports, harbours, highways among others.